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4 Tips for Planning Holiday Social Media Posts

The leaves have started to fall, the air is crisper and the millennials have taken their Uggs out of storage. This can only mean one thing; the holidays are right around the corner. While exciting, prepping for the holidays both personally and professionally requires ample planning and dedication. Although I can’t help you decide whose side of the family you will spend Christmas with, I can help you plan and create your holiday social media posts.

1. Thank Your Customers With Starbucks!

I’m kicking off this list with something everyone, (well, mostly everyone) will enjoy. A free treat from Starbucks! How do you go about offering this opportunity to hundreds of customers without spending a small fortune on cold brew? The blog post, How to Share a Cup of Coffee with Your Social Media Community by Amy Porterfield explains how. I’ve done this and it’s an awesome way to boost engagement and strengthen your reputation with your online community. 

When sharing the Starbucks gift card, let your audience know funds are limited and it’s first come first serve. You can include something in the social copy along the lines of, “Make sure to get your free treat sooner rather than later as funds are limited and may run out soon!” Otherwise, you may have some unhappy social followers thinking you owe them a Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte. 

2. Plan holiday social media posts in Advance 

As you begin planning your holiday social media posts, it’s obvious you’ll include some of the biggies: Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanza and New Year’s Eve. But there are other days during this period your business could capitalize on as well. For example, the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving is commonly known as Giving Tuesday. This would be a great time to do a small Facebook fundraiser for a nonprofit organization you’re passionate about.

A few lesser-known dates during the holidays include National Cookie Day (Dec. 4), St. Nicholas Day (Dec. 6) and National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day (Dec 19). When you have a logical tie-in, incorporating days like these into your social media content calendar can lead to increased audience engagement. 

3. Bring Out Your Inner Graphic Designer 

While this may sound scary for those without a graphic design background, creating social graphics can be easy and fun. Canva is one of my favorite tools for creating graphics because it is so user-friendly. Don’t believe me? A quick search of “Christmas” in the “photos” tab quickly brings up dozens of free images to choose from. Select the graphic you would like to use, add some text and export it to incorporate into your social media calendar. 

4. Borrow or Reuse Content

Between scheduling your employees’ holiday vacation time, last-minute trips to the mall and finalizing your own travel plans, creating content for your holiday social media posts may not be your top priority. And that’s okay! This provides you with an opportunity to recycle your previous holiday content or share something from someone else. 

Maybe you wrote a blog last year titled, “The 5 Best Christmas Gifts for Middle School Students in 2018.” You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Just update that blog and corresponding social media copy for Christmas 2019. Did an influencer you follow or a valued customer share a holiday-inspired Instagram post that could be translated to your business? Use the Repost app to share the photo and text verbatim on your own Instagram! Even sharing a link from another website with social copy tailored to your audience is an easy way to save some time while still maintaining quality content. 

In the time you have read this, the weather may have dropped a few degrees and the clock has undoubtedly brought us closer to the holidays. Make sure you set yourself and your business up for success and start working on those holiday social media posts today!

Want to learn more ways to be successful in your social media strategy? Let’s talk! 

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  1. Kristen Lawrence

    Love these ideas! As a consumer, I would be so thrilled to get a free Starbucks from a business I support! Especially now that it’s holiday drink season! 😋

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