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4 Reasons Instagram Stories are Important for Your Business

I have a handful of friends who love math. I’ve often inquired why these number-lovers have such an affinity for math and the answer is always the same: numbers don’t lie. While I don’t enjoy math, this is a point I can’t argue. It’s also a point that rings true in every facet of life, including digital marketing. The numbers especially don’t lie when it comes to the explosive growth of Instagram Stories.

  • 62% of people who’ve seen a brand or product on Instagram Stories want to learn more about it.
  • One-third of the most-viewed Instagram Stories come from businesses.

It’s obvious your business needs to create Instagram Stories, but how might your business benefit from them? 

1. Boost Engagement

If you frequently use Instagram Stories, you may have noticed that your Stories views have gone down recently. And while that may seem like a bad thing, it’s not! Instagram confirmed earlier this year that many Instagram Stories views came from bots. These bots were created by third-party bot services who people paid in the hopes of growing their following. So while engagement has decreased, the value of the people viewing your content has increased. 

So now that you have the right people viewing your Instagram Stories, (customers and potential customers), it’s important to engage that audience. An easy and fun way to do so is by using Instagram overlay stickers. Whether using Poll, Questions or Quizzes stickers, you’ll not only build credibility with your audience, you’ll also learn what they care about and what content they want more of. 

2. Repurpose Blog Content 

Contrary to popular belief, blog posts don’t appear out of thin air. From conducting market research and determining your target audience to finding the best keywords to include, drafting a blog post is a labor of love. You’ve spent so much time creating this content and should be repurposing it and getting as many eyes on it as you can!

Check out how I took content from this blog and shared it on Instagram Stories to drive more views to this blog post.

3. Real-Time Marketing/Building Trust

As a business owner, you have a product or service you truly believe in. Use Instagram Stories to share that product or service with your Instagram viewers and give them an up-close and personal view of how it works! If you own a salon, share a before and after photo of the brunette you transformed into a blonde. If you own a bakery, share some behind the scenes footage of how you make your famous pumpkin spice scones. If you’re a realtor, give a tour of the new home you’re selling that just went on the market. 

Aside from that, ask your customers to share a video review on your behalf that you can share on your own Instagram Stories. Honest customer reviews bolster consumer trust.

4. Instagram Highlights Can Keep Your Followers Coming Back for More

By this point you may have spent hours engaging with your audience, repurposing blog content, recording behind the scenes footage and asking customers for reviews, only to realize that your Instagram Stories will disappear within a mere twenty-four hours. And yes, while that is the case, there is something you can do to ensure your Instagram Stories live a good, long life. Create Instagram Story Highlights to catalog all of the exceptional content you have created. This ensures that your Instagram Stories will be cataloged indefinitely for your audience. Your prospective customers will be able to check out reviews from your current customers or watch a step-by-step demonstration of how to get the perfect beachy waves.

Have you considered utilizing social media and content marketing but just aren’t sure how? I’d love to help. Let’s chat!

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